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Frank Rogers – Labor activist and martyr

August 15, 2008

A Working Man’s Dream
by Janet Nicol

I write about Frank Rogers, a BC labour martyr, in BC History magazine (Vol. 36, No.2). In 2003, one hundred years after he died, I was part of a labour-organized memorial at Vancouver’s Mountainview Cemetery. The article is posted at the cemetery website.

Also, check out Stephen Hume’s story in the Vancouver Sun, September 1, 2012, “A deadly fight for labour rights” on the turbulent history of the BC labour movement, including the Frank Rogers story.

Pronto plate Lithograph with watercolour marks by Janet Nicol, 2018.


“Unions aren’t Native”

August 15, 2008

muck“Unions Aren’t Native”: The Muckamuck Restaurant Labour Dispute (1978-1983)

by Janet Mary Nicol

The Muckamuck Restaurant, owned by non-Natives, employed First Nations workers, who cooked and served aboriginal cuisine. In 1978, the employees joined SORWUC, an independent feminist union and went on strike. Their powerful story is chronicled in the academic journal, Labour/Le Travail, Volume 40, 1997.

The article is available on line at –

and is also available on university library databases.

A detailed article about SORWUC organizing in Vancouver restaurants and banks, appeared in Women and the Environment International (WEI) journal, Winter, 2014.

The article is based on research I did for an upcoming Knowledge Network TV production, Working People: A History of Labour in British Columbia – This documentary shares 30 stories of workers whose important contributions help build British Columbia. The series was developed in partnership with the Labour Heritage Centre and with the support of the Vancouver Foundation. One of the 30 stories (each are two and half minutes) is about the SORWUC bank drive.

You can search the Knowledge Network website to download the series.