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Peru Brigade

January 27, 2011

BC Teachers Working with Peruvian Teachers

by Janet Nicol

How do you say ‘Solidarity’ in Spanish? With a suitcase full of English-language lessons, I travelled to Peru this past summer with four other BC teachers, to find out. Read about our pedagogical adventures in the cover story of “Our Times” magazine, currently available in magazine stores across Canada.

The hardships and accomplishments of elementary and secondary teachers in Lima, Arequipa and the Amazon are featured as well a interviews with teacher union leaders who describe the difficulties of promoting quality public education in the face of undermining government policies. The full story is also available on line at the BC Teachers’ Federation website, under Social Justice. Link is

Click to access OurTimesVol29No5-6.pdf

“Creating a warm environment” is available in “Our Schools, Our Selves” and includes an interview with Heli Ocana, a teacher union activist in Peru and Barbara Ryeburn, a BC teacher activist and Peru brigade team leader. The article can be accessed on line at
For more information about the work of the BCTF International Solidarity Committee, see an article I wrote, available on line, –

Click to access MakingDifferenceGlobally-2012.pdf