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Into the Fire Zone

November 29, 2021

by Janet Nicol

Ingrid Pond began fighting BC wildfires two summers ago, after accruing seven seasons on crews in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. For four of those seasons in Ontario, Pond was crew leader. There, she and her crew were transported to remote wildfires by helicopter. Now she’s part of a unique BC Wildfire Service program called Parattack. Her job in BC still involves flying to remote fires, but with a difference. When they arrive at the scene, she and her fellow crew members parachute from a plane.

For my full interview with Pond, click on Our Times magazine link –

Watch for additional interviews with Indigenous fire watchers and BC Wildfire Service employees in an upcoming feature in Our Times magazine, Winter 2021. (in print and on-line)

Photograph credit – Pete West