The $15 Minimum Wage Movement Rises Up

by Janet Nicol

The fight for a $15-an-hour minimum wage in B.C. is a fight for women’s rights, according to organizers of the campaign. Women make up the majority of those who perform low-wage work across Canada.

“These are not young people living in their parents’ basements,” Irene Lanzinger, president of the BC Federation of Labour, said about minimum-wage earners. “These are parents, single mothers and new Canadians.”

Women make up 63 percent of workers on minimum wage in B.C. Last year, the federation launched its Fight for $15 campaign in partnership with local family-advocacy and anti-poverty groups. The coalition has held rallies and other events to raise public support for the cause. Campaign leaders met with the province’s Liberal Premier Christy Clark and Minnister of Labour Shirley Bond.

To read more about the battle to raise the minimum wage, check out the Winter 2016 issue of Herizons magazine. You can also visit for more Canadian women’s news and feminist views.



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