Tender is the heart

Tender is the Heart

by Janet Nicol

The ancient Greeks—and then the Romans—cultivated this strange-looking thistle, origins unknown, after somehow discovering an edible heart buried beneath layers of prickly leaves. They considered this delicacy to be an aphrodisiac, and an element of romance persists these many centuries later.

So begins an article in this summer’s issue of Edible Vancouver on everything you will want to know about artichokes. I interview the Ploughs, a deligent farming couple who own Glen Valley Farms. They harvest luscious artichokes, with the help of their grown children, in August through to November, and share their crop at various farmer’s markets in Vancouver.

Full story at http://www.ediblecommunities.com/vancouver/tender-is-the-heart.htm

Edible Vancouver, Summer 2012


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