Slipstitch, Jackie Frioud and Judy Robertson exhibit, September 2 to October 4, Circle Craft Gallery, Vancouver

by Janet Nicol

Jackie Frioud’s stitch-design ceramics complement narrative hooked rugs by Judy Robertson in a show called Slipstitch, at Circle Craft in Vancouver. “I was attracted to pottery as a functional form,” says Frioud, “even though my fine arts degree is in printmaking and sculpture.” She began by creating jewelry boxes, plate sets and other functional forms of white pottery. With a slip-coloured clay, she’s added a blue ‘stitching’ motif on each form. “I’ve sewn in the past and I always liked the stitching pattern used in printmaking,” she says, adding that her designs are influenced by a minimalist, Japanese aesthetic. “I began making multiple slabs to form one piece,” Frioud says. “I realized my pottery, based on function, was now becoming sculpture.” She shares a childhood in the Okanagan with Robertson, and says the muted colours of Robertson’s hooked rugs complement her white porcelains. “Words are embroidered into the fabric before she hooks,” she says. “The text has hidden meanings, giving a subversive element to the rugs.”

Reprinted from Galleries West magazine, Fall, 2011


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