A Celtic Christmas


Exploring the Mystical Kyle of Tongue

by Janet Nicol

Along Scotland’s most northern coast is a charming Highland retreat overlooking a point of land jutting out like a tongue. Vistiors to the village, known as Tongue and its inlet, the Kyle of Tongue, can expect to explore spellbinding landscape.

So begins the story of a pilgramage to my paternal ancestors’ croft along the northern tip of the British Isles. My encounters with the memorable landscape, flocks of sheep and a lone “Nicol” clanswoman are chronicled in the December, 2009 issue of Celtic Life magazine, published out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Also in this issue, “Murder Most Foul: Scottish Nightingale Still Haunts Vancouver” I revisit the unsolved murder in 1924 of Scottish immigrant nanny, Janet Smith.

Available in the Spring 2010 issue, I profile James Cunningham, Scots-born stonemason, who immigrated with his family to Vancouver before the First World War. Cunningham dedicated the second half of his long life to building the Stanley Park seawall.

The link to the magazine is http://www.celticlife.ca/
The story is available at this link –


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